Social Media Marketing

Social Media  SEO  is the use of (typically) platform-specific optimization methods to increase/improve your social media presence/reputation/ visibility  & hence platform traffic.

In addition, a strong social media presence will improve your website’s authority, reputation & trust and hence   SERPS, click-through & conversion rates on Google.

The most important social media platforms for most businesses are

  • Facebook  eg   fan page or Page  with “interactions”, “likes”, “friends”, fans etc
  • Linkedin eg  company  & employee profiles with “links”, “views” etc
  • Twitter eg profile with  “followers”, “tweets”, “retweets”,  etc
  • YouTube eg channel /videos with “subscribers, “views”, “comments”

The key to social media success is to combine good optimization /integration /platform link building,   to create relevancy/transference/visibility,  with a regular stream of (cost-effective ) engaging content, to create interactions/usage/communities.

Strong results in both areas are required for social media success

At London SEO  we provide highly sophisticated social media SEO services as standard to our full consultancy clients and as part of our various SEO packages.  We can assist with existing social media campaigns (say via our platform & general link building methods) or help design your social media presence from scratch.

Our social media SEO services

We use a number of proprietary on-site & off-site SEO methods to create authoritative & self-sustaining presence(s) on social media platforms for businesses.

-contextual relevancy.  We have experience in setting up accounts & optimizing content for all the main platforms. This is a non-trivial matter as each social media platform uses different relevancy criteria for their search engines as does Google.  A common characteristic however of all social platforms is the importance of channel /profile optimization (as well as an individual video, messages, and tweets) and “top-loading” (value of the title, first 40 characters etc)

-platform link building.   We use proprietary platform related link building methods to improve usage metrics such as views, likes, retweets, followers, subscribers, fans etc.  This is essential to establish your initial social media presence and is also a Google ranking factor.  We also use our full range of traditional link building methods to improve your social media authority, page &  trust rank.

-integration.   Integration of your social platforms with your website and crucially your Google Places listing or any other Google platform is essential for transference (ie the passing of authority and trust back to your website).  Integration methods   – such as interlinking of your website & social media content will not only improve transference but will also improve key “quality” metrics (length of view, picture tagging, retweet). We have developed a number of highly effective (and cheap)  integration strategies for companies.

-link baiting.  Link baiting methods are essential to improve the all-important “customer engagement or quality metrics (% viewed, comments, retweets).  Something as simple as inviting comments or notifying customers when a new YouTube video / Facebook update has been made by email can dramatically improve usage & quality metrics.   We use a wide range of content formatting & integration methods to encourage this

-content strategy.  Effective content strategy -ie producing regular & engaging platform-specific is essential for long term social media success and failure to do this well has under minded even the most expensive social media campaigns. Engaging content has very little to do with cost. Simple high search formats (eg “How to”. “Top ten” “Weekly offer”  formats ) & customer concentric content (ie photos, slide shows of events) strategies are much more effective.   

We have extensive experience in advising clients on content generation strategy and in particular creating a regular flow of engaging low-cost content with strong search potential.

Our social media package  

With our basic social media package, we create (or edit) & optimize your Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter & YouTube profile/ channel.  This includes the correct integration and interlinking protocols between properties to ensure the effective capture of social media signals by Google and transference of authority and trust.   .   In addition we provide a step by step user-friendly guide on using social media channels effectively. This service is highly recommended for businesses wanting a better social media presence.  A basic package will typically cost £750.

For platform-specific advanced social media platform optimization strategies, we can provide a quotation on request.

How effective is social media SEO?

Social media SEO is highly effective in increasing your social media presence & reputation as well as your website’s authority, reputation & trust.  It is now an essential component of any off-site SEO program