Issues in directory submission SEO

Directory submission is one of the worst executed and most undervalued areas of SEO. Properly executed directory submission provides a 100% white hat method to obtain thousands of links to a site’s home page and hundreds of links to a site’s inner pages.
Alas, the vast majority of directory submission services are almost 100% ineffective as they do not use the correct content variation protocols resulting in Google only caching/indexing a tiny proportion of the directory links created.
Spun content. Google’s duplicate content filters will automatically strip out identical or near-identical submissions after a certain point (typically only 20-50 will be cached by Google). Directory submissions need to be highly spun including crucially the
Company name /title, sentence construction & word count. Our directory submission methods- we use “double nesting” take all these factors into account.
Content quality & length. Poor content quality will lead to high rejection rates especially amongst the higher PR directories. Content length also needs to be varied to suit the different directory platforms with some such as Syndicat only allowing 155 characters and PhPLD typically up to 500 characters. Our directory submission methods- take all these factors into account
Foreign and obscure templates. 90% of directory submission is to PHPLD directories are can be heavily spammed. However we also WsN and eSyndicat directories which attract far fewer bulk submissions. Foreign language submission – particularly to French and German directories is also highly effective. We have developed a strong list of foreign languages, eSyndicate & WsN directories.
Captcha protected directories. The vast majority of directory submission is made to non-protected directories which consequently have more spammy links. We use the most advanced de captcha software allowing us to submit to captcha protected directories too. These links typically carry much more value
Deep linking. Almost all directory submission is made to the site’s home page. However deep linking provides an opportunity to provide several hundred links to inner pages across multiple categories with content targeting different keyword phrases. We have a list of over 1000 directories which accept inner URLs.
Multi-category linking. Typically most websites will naturally fit into several categories. Subject to using different content this can be a highly effective submission method. We have a list of over 1000 directories which accept multi-category submissions
Guaranteed directory listings. These are to be avoided. First, because they are unnecessary – you can typically expect a 70% – 90% success rate per directory submission id dine competently – and typically very low value. However, a more serious issue is that they are typically owned by SEO submission companies using the same (foreign) hosting and usually contain a lot of low-quality links (eg gambling & adult sites)
Staggered submission. Again this is unnecessary since many directories only provide delayed listings for free submission (to encourage paid submission), Google indexing of directory links itself can be slow and Google regards directory link submission as being a white hat SEO method. We have done 10,000 directory submissions for brand new sites with excellent results.