Our work is based on several key  SEO methods & principles which are in turn based on our research & observations on how Google’s various algorithms actually work in practice. We have successfully used these methods to achieve outstanding search results for a wide range of clients.

Signal Completeness

Link building alone is no longer sufficient for effective off-site  SEO.  Google is attaching the ever-increasing weight to non-link based parameters including authority, citation, and local and social media signals in determining search rankings. In addition inconsistencies between different signals can be a negative ranking factor in itself.  We construct  SEO programs that cover all the signals Google uses.

Content richness

Google is attaching the increasing weight to content richness and uniqueness in assessing site quality. “Thin”,  “spun” “scrapped” “duplicated” “auto-generated” and “keyword stuffed” content, in particular, is being penalized by Google.  High quality, original, interesting,  frequently updated,  lengthy, and socially interactive content is being increasingly rewarded by Google in search rankings.  Delivering content richness is now as important as standard on-site SEO issues (eg keyword selection, title tags, H1, H2, H3 tags) and we can advise on both.

Using multiple keywords & landing pages

We recommend targeting multiple groups of keyword phrases using all the pages of your website effectively using every web page as a separate landing point for each group of keywords.  Using this approach it is possible to not only achieve first page listings for literally 000s of keyword phrases but also provide compelling targeted content that searchers see immediately on “landing” without having to navigate your site.  We use a proprietary bulk HTML anchor text method to achieve this.

Consistency,  Diversity & Naturalness

Google’s spam detection filters are now very sophisticated and will easily detect unsophisticated link building.  Consistent link building over a period of time is much more effective than short-lived bursts of activity.  Similarly, diversity in (keyword) anchor text and linking is essential.  Creating 1,000 forum profiles all targeting one keyword simply does not work anymore.  Above all link building – in all its aspects – needs to look as natural as possible (note this does not mean slow).


Google is continually improving its algorithms and shortcut “black hat” methods no matter how tempting are to be avoided especially  “paid links”, “multiple local listings” and “Xrumer blasts”.   Sites using such methods are increasingly being caught and penalized often years later. We recommend only using SEO methods that are future proof.

Maximizing  reputation and views simultaneously

Traditional SEO focused on maximizing views by achieving the first page Google search ranking on a client’s website for relevant keyword searches.  However, this ignored the importance of online reputation in driving conversions (positive profiles, citations reviews etc)  and the growth of “reputation management” services. We have developed a reputation based approach to SEO where we not only encourage positive profiles /citations but also ensure that positive citations (eg on Yahoo Answers)   achieve high search visibility along with the client’s own web page(s) thereby maximizing both reputation and views. Again we use a proprietary a bulk HTML methodology

Maximizing natural link creation

Google actually does work in the sense that interesting quality unique content that customers value will naturally create backlinks. However natural clink creation can be increased up to tenfold and in some cases more by providing appropriately configured text, picture and video content.  This can be something as simple as having SEO optimized picture gallery with keyword-rich file names to more sophisticated link baiting, embedded HTML or multiple channel techniques.  We have had considerable success with a range of clients using these methods and developed a number of proprietary methods to increase   natural link creation

Using multiple platforms and social media

Traditional SEO methods are website centric focusing almost exclusively on a client’s own website.  We advocate a multiple platform approach and in particular recommend creating and optimizing  YouTube channels, Facebook pages, citation profiles  (eg Yahoo Answers) and Twitter profiles.  They are search engines /communities in their own right and can provide traffic independently of Google and typically content can just be recycled with only minor changes between channels One of our clients, for example,  has over ½ million views from a YouTube channel we created and optimized.

Revised local search protocols

Google is increasingly integrating local search data into universal search. This includes displaying local search results in universal search results, integrating local & universal listings and most importantly of all Google’s use of local data (eg verified landline, address & citation listings) in determining authority & trust rank.   We recommend local search SEO is included as  a key component in any  SEO program.

Link quality vs link quantity

Google continues to reduce the value it gives to low-quality PR N/A links (eg forum profiles, social bookmarks, article links etc) – so-called web spam -and in addition, we are aware of sites that have been penalized for excessive web spam links (albeit newish sites having created 10,000 of PR N/A links).  With the exception of (highly spun) directory links and press release links (both of which are highly effective and “white hat”), we focus exclusively on links from pages with actual  page PR and avoid web spam