5 Ways to Drive Traffic From Facebook to your Website

Are you getting traffic from your Facebook page to your website? Do your fans even know you’ve got one!?

You could be missing out on some targeted traffic that will help keep your website/blog active and social.

There is a fine line between directing everything on Facebook to your website, and not mentioning it at all. Posting up your website link several times a day, as the only place fans can access your content is not a very effective strategy. All your doing is alienating your fans with little or no value on your Fan Page.

Here are 5 tips you can start using today that will help drive traffic from Facebook to your website.

1. Make full use of Tabs

There are plenty of applications that are available for your Fan Page. The best approach is to engage with your fans but also provide relevant back-links to your website.

When creating content for your Fan Page, it’s important to hold some back for your website so users have a reason to visit.

Remember you can set any tab as default for non-fans. The first tab they see will help shape their first click, so make sure you have a clear call-to-action waiting!

2. Share Valuable Content – Articles/Blog Posts

If your company runs their own blog, make sure your crossing over content to your Fan Page. Even if there is overlap between your website traffic and Fan page, you can’t assume everyone will take notice of all your new content.

Posting new blog entries on Facebook will make them social and easily sharable among fans, leading to interest from new visitors.

Below is an example from the BBC Fan Page, where all their stories have a short caption, photo and link.

3. Use Teaser Content

When posting articles to your Fan Page wall, you are giving a clear summary of where the link will take you, including an image. But sometimes it’s a good idea to lead your fans on. What I mean by this is to post up a short sentence with a link and nothing else. This may intrigue your fans into clicking through to what should be interesting relevant content.

4. Run a Contest

As an alternative to using a Facebook application, you can run a contest on your website. Although a good way to increase your fan count when running through a Fan Page, you may find it easier to integrate your brand identity through your website.

5. Unique Offers on Your Website

Ultimately you have control over how you present offers on your website and through social channels.   Exclusive offerings are a big attraction for visitors whether you’re a small business or an e-commerce site so it’s good to develop marketing and promotional material and then shout about it to your fans.

On Facebook you do need to strike a balance between self-promotion and valuable content otherwise you may end up spamming your fans making them reach for the dreaded ‘unlike’ button.