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About Chorion
Chorion owned, cultivated and managed their portfolio hugely successfully, maximising value and longevity.
They produced their own television programmes as well as licensing other production companies to make films and television programmes featuring their copyrights, all of which were (and indeed still are) distributed worldwide for broadcasting as well as being sold as DVD’s. They licensed book (and audio-book) publishers in over 180 countries. They produced merchandising licensees and agents globally who produced copy-right products ranging from computer games and T-shirts to mobile phone downloads and toys.
Chorion was listed on the AIM market in London until May 2006 when it was bought out by a private management team backed by 3i for £111 million. Despite its success, it was unable to continue to manage its £70 million collateral loans. Its copyrights and licenses have been sold, and the much loved stories and characters continue to appear online, on television, in films and in book shops around the globe.


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